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Employment Opportunities


Sleep Diagnostic & Services is a busy and expanding sleep clinic in North York. We are always looking for talented techs with flexible schedules and high ethical and professional standards who meet eligibility requirements.

  1. Position(s) available – Sleep Technologist/Polysomongrapher
  2. Eligibility requirements: Applicant must:
    1. be a RPSGT, have experience in related field OR relevant university degree, AND
    2. have completed 240 hours of supervised training in polysomnography, AND
    3. have current BCLS Certificate
  3. Job description/duties:
    • Prepare the documentation and room for data collection
    • Prepare, educate and explain procedures to patients
    • Calibrate equipment
    • Collect data using Alice 5 software
    • Document significant events
    • Ensure patient safety
    • Maintain high communication and professionalism standards at all times
  4. Contact person and full address of institution:
    Sleep Diagnostic & Services
    935 3rd Ave SE, Hickory, NC 28602

Please email resumes to info@sleepdiagnosticservices.com or fax to (800) 813-0272, ATT: Anna